The Technology Behind The Solution


Each monitoring unit (BeyondCom unit) can be powered by mains, solar or battery power and has a built in dual SIM modem to provide network redundancy. Input data is logged across any combination of analogue, digital and pulse inputs at pre-defined sample intervals. This makes the BeyondCom units with the ColdCloud portal an extremely versatile and effective remote management platform.

Logged asset-specific data is wirelessly uploaded via the BeyondCom unit to the secure and fully redundant ColdCloud hosted servers. From here, using any standard internet browser, the data can be viewed, managed and downloaded in tabular and graphical formats. Assets can also be managed using Geographic Information System (GIS) visualisation tools on fully customisable Dashboards, making the system extremely easy to use and keeping user training to a minimum.

Via the ColdCloud web-based graphical user interface (GUI), each BeyondCom unit is remotely programmed to detect any asset / input specific, user-configurable alarm condition, and in the event of an alarm condition being detected, alarms can instantly be escalated via both SMS and e-mail to multiple recipients using time based, three-stage alarm escalation logic, informing recipients of the event or failure and requesting alarm acknowldgement where required. This radically reduces response times and pre-empts equipment failures and the resultant interruption of services, damage to or loss of assets, and related productivity and revenue losses.

Alarm recipients can be requested to acknowledge receipt of the alarm as well as capture an incident report on any handset. The incident report can include taking and uploading multiple pictures or video footage for record keeping and compliance purposes, effectively closing the loop.

All historic data and exception reports are stored on the system and again are accessed via the ColdCloud portal, allowing our customers to measure asset performance, to plan preventative maintenance and infrastructure / asset upgrades accordingly.