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1. ColdCloud™ is a cloud based on-line portal. BeyondCom unit(s) e.g. Ice3 or Ice3 EXTRA,  are installed at your facility and the temperature probes are inserted into your cold storage equipment.

2. The BeyondCom unit is capable of monitoring temperature, relative humidity and can also monitor the mains power status as well as the door position.

3.  Data is recorded every 10 minutes and automatically uploaded via the local cellular network to the Internet.

4. Using a standard Internet browser and your unique username and password, you’ll login to the ColdCloud™ portal where you are able view, download and print your current and historic temperature data.

5. Standard online reporting includes graphical, tabular and min/max/average reports.

6. On the ColdCloud™ portal you’re able to configure unique minimum/ maximum alarm parameters for each of your refrigerators, as well as configuring who should get the alarms in stages 1, 2 and 3 of escalation via both e-mail and SMS.

7. Detailed management reports include exception-based temperature excursion reports, power reliability reports, user login, as well as root cause and corrective action reports.

8. Real-time dashboards give you a single view of all your cold storage equipment with drill-down functionality.

Whether you have one or thousands of refrigerators, ColdCloud™ is for you: No software required, easy to implement, buy and deploy as you go.