Cold chain temperature monitoring

Many products are sensitive to excess heat and or cold conditions.  This is of particular importance in Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Food, Blood products etc.


The Beyond Wireless system harnesses the power of the internet and the pervasiveness of the mobile phone network to provide you with a cost effective, secure and wireless remote monitoring solution.

It wirelessly monitors the temperature within your cold storage equipment and transmits detailed temperature statistics to a secure website where you can view live and historical temperature reports.

The system can also monitor the power supply to your refrigeration equipment, the status of the door (open / closed) and produce an alarm based on the measured parameters. The alarm is sent via SMS and/or e-mail to designated users who may be required to acknowledge the alarm to ensure that corrective action is taken as soon as possible. Typical alarms are:

  • Power Failure
  • Door left open
  • Temperature out of range

Alarms generated within the system are all recorded as are the acknowledgements from any persons notified. Should a notification not be acknowledged, the alarm is escalated to ensure that it is dealt with appropriately. A full record of all alarms is available through the web portal

The system offers:

  • 24×7 remote monitoring of power and temperature for your equipment
  • Immediate alerts for out of range temperatures and power failures
  • Battery backup to ensure continued operation in the case of a power failure
  • Central storage of data for all monitored devices, accessible from any web enabled device
  • Open standard architecture to allow integration with legacy systems
  • Rapid scalability as your equipment needs grow
  • Full audit capabilities for your cold chain
  • World-wide access to data and alarms