Global Health

This is where our technology has the greatest social and ECONOMIC impact.

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Animal Health

Remote temperature monitoring solutions for the animal healthcare sector.

Food & Agriculture

Cold chain solutions for the agricultural industry, from farm to fork.

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Who we are

Beyond Wireless is the global leader in remote temperature monitoring solutions. Our technology positively impacts people, communities and entire economies through its applications in global health, agriculture and food retail.

ColdCloud™ is used by numerous NGOs, Ministries of Health, and large and small businesses alike in over 50 countries. The software is entirely web-based, while the hardware is easy to install and extremely robust, making it the ideal solution for even the most remote regions.

Our technology/our products are World Health Organisation Performance Quality Safety (PQS) approved

Easy to deploy, easy to use cloud-based cold chain management solution that ensures you have constant visibility of your temperature sensitive assets and equipment anywhere around the world.
Our ColdCloud™ technology is used around the world by organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross. We help them to remotely monitor their entire cold chains seamlessly, from central stores to the most remote clinics.
Improving the vaccine cold chain literally saves lives. It reduces the emotional and economic burden of disease and boosts economies… A healthy society is not only happier; it is also more productive.


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ICE3 Remote Temperature Monitoring Device

The ICE3 is the world’s most advanced and reliable remote temperature-monitoring device (RTMD).

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ICE3 EXTRA Remote Temperature Monitoring Device

The ICE3 Extra™ is the world’s most flexible and scalable remote monitoring device (RMD).

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ColdCloud Cold Chain Management Platform

ColdCloud is web based online cold chain management platform: The ICE3 and ICE3 Extra remote temperature monitoring devices log and monitor the temperatures, door positions and power supply status of your refrigerators.

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