Are you a business that is reliant on the constant monitoring of your products to ensure your customers receive the quality and consistency of service that you promise?pic3

In today’s fast paced business environment where your attention is on delivering to customers, innovating and outflanking the competition, it’s difficult to constantly know the condition of your products and assets.  In many cases, you get to know the product has deviated from accepted norms far too late – when the situation has escalated to a point where damage control becomes your key focus.  The consequences for your business are profound – including a negative impact on quality; wasted time and money and endless costs on firefighting to maintain your reputation and customer

You have most probably tried a range of manual or disparate systems to try and pro-actively manage the situation.  The key problem with most manual systems is the ‘human’ factor and while these systems may offer a short term fix, sustainability and long term effectiveness and reliability are not guaranteed.

Imagine a solution which was easy to use, offered 100% reliability and was accessible from anywhere in the world.

Beyond Wireless Technology offers a platform to remotely monitor products and assets over the GSM network.  Established in 2003, the company has developed a centralised system that is robust, reliable and effective from anywhere in the world.  The company is ISO9001 accredited, with products which are certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and has built a solid reputation for performance and innovation across 46 countries.